Exam Preparation

All exams will have a common Day 1 exam called module 0. You  must get 70% to pass this. Your pre-course credits, which have been earned before the start of the course, are added to the mark you get on the paper.

Depending on the Day 2  module you took the content of the rest of the exam may vary.

There is an old rodent sample paper in the Dropbox folder. This is not in the current format and is for guidance only. We are not permitted, by the accrediting body, to show past papers. A current paper will be shown at the end of your Day 2.

If you have done just Day 1 you may postpone the examination until you are finished  a Day 2 Module. That exam will cover both Day 1 and Day 2 material.

If you chose to do the Day 1 exam directly after the Day 1 course, please just do the module 0 exam.

Please refer to these two Documents

EXAM PREPARATION           Course study Material 

EXAM dates LAST   2020
All exams are at 13.00 60 mins duration

Please  let me know  your preferred venue . UCC, NUIG, MU, TCD. The  paper you need to do e.g. Rodent, large animal, aquatic , wildlife.

if you do not contact me there will not be a paper available for you.

You can contact me at sec@last-ireland.

Exams dates for UCD 20A
date to be determined after 29/3/20
venue TCD