Day 1 ( Core Modules Current)

Day 1 (Core Modules ) 

Register for the  July Course 14/7/22

Note : For the  course you  will need to be available for a 1.5 to 2  hour  zoom class on the ;
14/7/22  @: 14.00 -15.30
21/7/22 @ 14.00 -16.00
28/7/22  on line exam at 14.00-14.30

Price Day 1 module  125€

Price Day 2 modules Rodent 140€   Others 240€

Due to Covid restrictions this course is  online more information 

This Module is a requirement for all workers who wish to use animals for research in Ireland.
The module consists of a single day’s lectures with preparatory work done online before the lecture day.
The areas  covered are:

History & Evolution of  Science & Ethics                                                                 EU Modules 2&9
Development of the Legislation                                                                                 EU Modules 1
Implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU  HPRA Inspector                            EU Modules  1
Euthanasia  Theory                                                                                                         EU Modules 6.1
Recognition of Pain, Suffering and Distress                                                          EU Modules 5
Design & Management of Procedures and Projects                                           EU Modules 10
Animal specified factors affecting Research                                                         EU Modules 10
Anti-­vivisection Discussion
PRICING  1/10/21
Day 1 @ 125€
Day 2 Rodent @ 140€
Day 2 Other @240€

The two text books below (€85 extra plus P&P @ €5) are required resource material:

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare, 4th Edition

Design of Animal Experiments
Reducing the Use of Animals in Research through Better Experimental Design Series HB14

You may have access to them via your library or your lab. You will need access to them to study for the exam.

If you wish LAST to supply these please put tick the ‘Supply Texts’ Box in the application form.