EXAM Proctoring

Distance Proctoring of exam via webex. or Zoom

You can  take the exam by distance proctoring. Currently the legal , Day 1 and rodent modules are available. There is an additional cost of 25 euro for this service. (This cost is included in the price of the legal module)

You will need a computer equipped with an internet connection, a camera and microphone.
In order to preserve the integrity of the exam:
I will be able to see you via your own camera
I will observe the activity of your screen.
I will also record the session.
If you are happy to go ahead please follow the instructions below.

Log on to the meeting ( exam session) via webex by accepting the invitation sent to you by email.
You may be asked to download a file.
You may do this or join via java.
Join as a guest. Fill in a screen name and fill in your e-mail address.
Click the icon ‘Call using sound via computer ‘.
Turn on your video .
We will then be connected.
Once we are connected I will make you a ‘presenter’. This will enable you to share your screen with me.
Then click the ‘share your screen’ icon.
For the Go to another tab and log onto

We are now using zoom as an alternate platform as it appears to be a programme many people are now very familiar with. The same instructions apply.

For the legal module

Login: using your given login name and  Password:

Click ‘My course’
Click ‘LAST’
Left Column ‘Click LAST exams’
Click ‘Final exam’

A code is required at this point. I will give you the code when we are connected.

Do exam and click submit.

For the Rodent module,

we do it via our moodle platform. You will need to create a moodle account at this page http://last-ireland.ie/moodle20/login/index.php

When you log on there is an exam section. I will guide you through the next sectios

There is currently no UK legal module available on line.