EXAM Proctoring

Distance Proctoring of exam via webex.

You can  take the exam by distance proctoring. Currently the legal module only is available.

You will need a computer equipped with an internet connection, a camera and microphone.
In order to preserve the integrity of the exam:
I will be able to see you via your own camera
I will observe the activity of your screen.
I will also record the session.
If you are happy to go ahead please follow the instructions below.

Log on to the meeting ( exam session) via webex by accepting the invitation sent to you by email.
You may be asked to download a file.
You may do this or join via java.
Join as a guest. Fill in a screen name and fill in your e-mail address.
Click the icon ‘Call using sound via computer ‘.
Turn on your video .
We will then be connected.
Once we are connected I will make you a ‘presenter’. This will enable you to share your screen with me.
Then click the ‘share your screen’ icon.
Go to another tab and log onto

Login: using your given login name and  Password:

Click ‘My course’
Click ‘LAST’
Left Column ‘Click LAST exams’
Click ‘Final exam’

A code is required at this point. I will give you the code when we are connected.

Do exam and click submit.