Last-Ireland  is a programme of education to support and help the scientific community in Ireland to use research animals in accordance with best international and national practices.

  Courses are structured as Common ‘Day 1 or Core Module’ and a species specific Day 2 module’

We are now fully online , Day 1 and Day 2 course refer to the face to face courses. We have maintained the nomenclature in these Covid times.

A Day 1 course is is a cohort class which covers the core EU modules,  whereas a Day 2 course is species specific and are self directed, fully online, covering the species specific EU modules ,

It is possible to sign up for a Day 1′ course, complete that exam, then  subsequently complete a species-specific ‘Day 2course (e.g. Rodent, Aquatic, Wildlife  or Large Animal.)

HPRA often accept the modular training courses from the UK and other  Member States (if an Irish ‘legal module’ is done)

Dates and locations of courses run in the UK  by the ‘Universities Accreditation  Group ‘ can be obtained by application to