DAY 1 ( Core Modules )

Day 1 Core Modules
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One of the learning outcomes which is an absolute is that not only do the students know the specifics of the legislation and the ethical  framework for use of animals for research, are but they must buy into the overall ethos. This is difficult to achieve without some sort of group dynamic which is normally achieved at a face to face session.

We are structuring the module to incorporate some  face to face discussion,

  • A group will take the course as a cohort.
  • Pre course will be done prior to the start of the course and the moodlle quiz completed.
  • There will be a live one-two -hour session with Damian and Mike, explaining the course objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Short introduction to the learning outcomes / course objectives (Damian, 10 minutes)
  • Introduction to the 3Rs, emphasising how they underpin the current ethical and legal requirements (Damian, 20 minutes)
  • Introduction to the experimental design / statistical analysis component, “selling” its importance to the students (Mike, 20 minutes)

Resources will be made available to study online These will be previous recordings of live sessions, supplemented with recommended reading material. The recordings will be coordinated through password protected access.

Students will have one week to listen to the material and complete the final quiz.
During the week they may ask questions, by e-mail, about the material.

If the questions are likely to be relevant to other students, the questions and the answers may be posted online.

There will be a second live session one week later

There will be two individual one hour sessions with Damian and HPRA and Mike to review the learning, and for the students to ask questions, seek clarifications, and raise issues.

Attendance at these sessions is compulsory. Students should not sign up for the course unless they can attend online for these two live sessions.

If students have questions which need to be discussed at these sessions, they will be asked to email them in advance. However, questions will be accepted “on the day” too.

This Module is a requirement for all workers who wish to use animals for research in Ireland.
The module consists of  lectures with preparatory work done on line before the lecture day.